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  • A recent publication of the Better Business Bureau reported, “Many of those living in shelters or on the street are no different from those with a place to live. Being on the street is often something out of their control.” (article link)
  • In a New York Times op-ed piece, Rep. Charles Schumer wrote that, “the slightest misstep or misfortune–a temporary layoff, a large medical bill, a divorce–could send [a low-income] family onto the streets. Indeed that’s exactly what’s been happening. (article link)
  • Jonathan Kozol, in his book on homeless families, Rachel and Her Children, features: a couple who, after their house burns down, lose their five children to foster homes and are reduced to panhandling; a 35-year-old woman, a college graduate who worked for many years before medical complications wiped out her savings, forced her to lose her home, ended her marriage, made her give up her kids, and left her sleeping on the beach; and a teacher, who when the heater in her building failed, was “in a matter of weeks … reduced from working woman and householder to a client of the welfare sys


“2011 Hunger and Homelessness Survey”

US Conference of Mayors’

The report found that a shortage of affordable housing is a major cause of homelessness in families with children as well as increasing rates of hunger. The survey also noted that the recent rise in home foreclosures, the increased cost of living in general and the increased cost of food in particular as major causes of hunger in America.  Seattle reported an 18% unmet need for emergency food assistance.  Portland Metro’ shelters are operating at maximum capacity and 25% of needs went unmet. (article link)

National Alliance to End Homelessness 2012 Studies

Despite the fact that the number of homeless people was essentially unchanged in the US.  between 2009 and 2011, there is much reason for concern.  As this report points out, economic and demographic indicators linked to homelessness continue to be troubling.  Homelessness is a lagging indicator, and the effects of the poor economy are escalating and are expected to continue to do so over the next few years. (article link)

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1John 3:17  If we have all we need and see one of our own people in need, we must have pity on that person, or else we cannot say we love God.                   (Contemporary English Version )