Volunteer Staff

Executive Director Linda Drury
Director, Rafik Fouad
 Director, Eric Karlsen
    Director, Richard Drury
President, Linda Drury
      Treasure, Richard Drury
    Secretary, Eric Karlsen 
    Web Master, James Van Boxtel
Exec. Asst., Linda Brooks
             Liaison, Eileen Swanson 

Name: Linda Drury RN, CCRN, MACMin
Position: Executive Director / President
Profession: Medicine/Community Service
Bio: Linda Drury researched and developed Life Pax while completing her Masters in Christian Ministry at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. Linda’s career as a trauma/open heart recovery/adult ICU registered nurse spans 25 years of dedicated service with Legacy Hospitals and Health Center. During this period she contributed to many different ministries at Warren Community Fellowship, Warren Oregon. There she created a parish nurse program and facilitated small group counseling ministries. She completed her ministry internship at Crossroads Community Church where she developed the Life Pax program and has facilitated members of the congregation in sharing their faith through mission involvement and giving to the hungry. In addition to the local hungry-poor, Linda has participated in leading small group studies, offers her expertise at High School and Middle School youth camps, and is involved in HOSTS (Help One Student To Succeed) literacy program and has participated in medical and outreach ministries in many parts  of the world including Egypt, Kenya, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Sri Lanka.

Name: Richard Drury
Position: Director/Treasurer
Profession: Non-Profit Accounting and Management
Bio:  Richard is a graduate from Portland State University where he majored in Accounting and Business Administration.  He interned with the Oregon, Secretary of State, Audit Division where he earned the necessary experience to pass the CPA exam. Richard’s experience in government and non-profits includes; Director of the Central Oregon, HUD, Section-8  Housing Program and Minnesota, Assistant Director for the National SCSEP Program.   

 Name: Eric Karlsen
Position: Director/Secretary
Profession: Ornamental Horticulture/Community Service
Bio: Eric has a BS degree in Ornamental Horticulture, and additional credits in Career and Technical Education/Vocational Agriculture, from Washington State University. While attending the university, he served as a WSU YMCA Big Brother/Little Brother Student Program Director, as well as being a Big Brother. He treasures two short-term missionary trips to Hermosillo, Mexico where he witnessed the poverty that most residents lived with, and the joy that came with spiritual and material hope. Eric has attended Crossroads Community Church for eight years and has served with the Children’s Ministry and Single Adult Ministry. He felt called to offer his abilities and participate with Life Pax. He likes to help people and feels Life Pax is a wise means to aid individuals.

Name: Rafik Fouad
Position: Director of Strategic Vision
Profession: Finance

Name: James Van Boxtel

Name: Eileen Swanson


Ephesians 2:10  For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.                  (King James)