Saint Francis Parish

St. Francis Conference                                             St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Vincent de Paul                                                     St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
330 SE 11 Ave                                                               311 SE 12th
Portland, OR 97214                                                    Portland, OR 97214


St. Francis Mission
• where faith expresses itself in hospitality.• where God’s love is expressed in its fullest meaning.• where Jesus Christ is alive and well and celebrating in SE Portland, where the gospel message of active love is made manifest.
St. Francis
is a community that finds its health in attempting to serve the neighborhood in its many needs, physical, spiritual and human. In this way we form and support the people of God to reach out rather than build a safe place to be. Though members come from many different neighborhoods, we call upon all to be the church concerned for the core area, inner-city ministry. This is the primary way of affecting a change in the wider community.


St. Francis Church photo<br />Visitors at St. Francis dining hall enjoy a Christmas party.

The Dining Hall is in the lowest level of St. Francis Church. Here, 150-300 hot meals are served daily to those in need in dignity and peace. The staff consists of two co-Directors and cook. Most of the other positions are held by volunteers. Many of these volunteers are those who stay to have a meal because they are either homeless, jobless, underemployed, or at a time in their lives when they are down and out.

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