About Life Pax

474036_256030871177534_828371562_oThe corporation takes its name from the products it produces, inexpensive, nutritionally sound, prepackaged meals that are easily stored and readily consumed anytime, anywhere.  Life Pax’ greater value reaches far beyond the packaging. It touches countless individuals; the hungry-needy, the giver (which could include every person who distributes the meals), and various community groups such as churches, neighborhood associations, police departments, social agencies, and other charitable organizations.

Mission Statement

To feed the hungry and share the love of Christ one meal at a time.

Vision Statement

“Life Pax is designed to effect social change and present the reality of Jesus Christ to panhandlers, homeless, and hungry individuals in our community and across the nation by replacing monetary handouts with a single meal, a message of encouragement, and practical social service resource information, thereby – ‘Feeding the body and nourishing the soul.’”

Organizational Structure

Life Pax is a 501c3 non-profit.  Directors and officers are strictly volunteer.  There are no salaries, perks, stipends or any other form of remuneration.  Life Pax is incorporated in Washington and Oregon.  Federal and state annual reports are current. The  name and trademark are registered with the federal government.

  Life Pax Founder, Linda Drury

 Linda 2Linda is a CCRN with 35 years in trauma and intensive care.  She is also an ordained chaplain with a Masters in Christian Ministry.  Linda has been involved in medical ministries such as NW Parish Nursing and multiple medical mission trips to countries in  Central America, Africa and the Middle East including the Sri Lanka Tsunami disaster.  As Linda nears her nursing retirement she is transitioning into additional community service with (TIP) the Clark County, Trauma Intervention Program. She will also provide chaplaincy care in her home church.  Of all her activities, Life Pax has a special place in her heart. For more information on Linda’s Life Pax journey go to the “History” tab or the “Who We Are” tab. on this web site


Proverbs 22:9  Generous hands are blessed hands because they give bread to the poor.  (The Message)